September 7, 2020

Mystery Playhouse Episode on SiriusXM

Peter Lorre fans with access to SiriusXM Radio can tune into the Radio Classics channel the week of September 7, 2020, and hear an episode of Peter’s mid-1940s Armed Forces Radio series Mystery Playhouse – "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper," which originally aired over NBC as an episode of the series Mollė Mystery Theatre on Tuesday, February 27, 1945.

The episode airs as part of a 2-hour block of programming to salute the debut of the TV series Star Trek, which began its 3-year run on Sept. 8, 1966. Robert Bloch, who scripted three episodes of Star Trek, wrote the original short story "Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" for the magazine Weird Tales in 1943.

"Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" will air these dates and times ~

Tuesday, Sept. 8 –
5:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Eastern

Thursday, Sept. 10 –
11:30 am Pacific, 2:30 pm Eastern

Saturday, Sept. 12 –
9:30 am Pacific, 12:30 pm Eastern

Satellite radio provider SiriusXM airs Radio Classics over Channel 148. Subscribers may also listen to the programs over the internet. Log-in with your User ID and password. Not a subscriber? A free 30-day trial is also available through the SiriusXM radio website.

During World War II, the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) supplied radio programs to American military men and women serving overseas. Regular series with commercials edited out, as well as commercial-free original programs, were sent out on thick vinyl records to military bases around the world.

Mystery Playhouse was comprised of episodes of various suspense and thriller mystery series, such as Mr. and Mrs. North and Sherlock Holmes, as well as anthology series, such as Inner Sanctum, The Whistler, and Mollė Mystery Theatre.

As one of several hosts of Mystery Playhouse, Peter Lorre introduced episodes with the greeting, “Hello, Kreeps!” and his usual dry sense of humor. A visit to the Green Room and a preview of the next Mystery Playhouse entry usually closed the program.

In the pages of The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, Stephen D. Youngkin discusses Peter’s radio career, beginning with performances on German radio in the early 1930s to American radio appearances, including three series – Mystery Playhouse, the 1947 13-week summer series Mystery in the Air, and the 1950s series Nightmare.

A complete-to-date list of Peter’s radio work is available in the Appendix of The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, and many Lorre performances are available on CD.

The Lost One may be purchased from Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada, and Amazon U.K., as well as other booksellers.

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