March 7, 2009


I first became a fan of Peter Lorre's in 1973.

It was easy back then to be a Lorre fan. Independent TV channels ran his movies all the time – although they were frequently cut to fit a particular time slot. And in northern California, there were plenty of "art houses" showing classic films.

These days, it's still possible to catch Lorre films such as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca in theaters. (In fact, The Maltese Falcon was chosen as the first installment in 2008 of The Big Read.)

The Turner Classic Movies channel now runs many of the Lorre films formerly shown on independent stations. And a number of Peter's movies are now on DVD -- remastered, with extras such as audio commentaries, documentary features, and original theatrical trailers.

In this blog, I hope to alert Lorre fans to showings of his movies, as well as any other "Lorre" news.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your blog on Peter Lorre and passed it on,

Cheryl Morris said...

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it!