August 8, 2009

Casablanca at a Secret “Drive-In” in Stamford, CT

The Lehrfield’s Stamford “Drive-In” Theater will be running their summer film series from June until Labor Day weekend. Not actually a “Drive-In Theater”, but a recreation of the drive-in theater experience of yesteryear by a small group of film-lovers, with a huge outdoor screen and film projectors, not DVD players. Attendees bring blankets and lawn chairs to sit on the grass.

Refreshments include free popcorn, popped in a movie theater style popcorn machine, and any chips, dip, and other snacks brought by the other moviegoers. Beverages, such as soda, beer, or wine, are “bring your own”.

On Saturday, August 8, Casablanca (1943) will be shown at 8 p.m., preceded by movie trailers of coming attractions, cartoons, and a short subject.

Attendance is by invitation only. To join the mailing list and receive directions, complete the form located on the “theater’s” Home Page and here.

Casablanca was the third movie Peter Lorre made at Warner Bros. with his pal Humphrey Bogart. Peter later claimed he made more money playing the set’s roulette wheel between takes than he did in the small, but pivotal role of Ugarte, who begins the film’s main action by leaving with Rick Blaine (Bogart) a pair of valuable exit visas.

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