March 16, 2017

Mrs. G. Goes to College Comes to GetTV, March 2017

Lorre fans with access to the GetTV channel can look forward to something new from Peter’s television credits when Mrs. G. Goes to College joins the station’s line-up in late March, 2017.

The one-season TV comedy series – broadcast over CBS on Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm in the early 1960s – tells the story of Mrs. Sarah Green (Gertrude Berg), an older widow who decides to attend an unnamed university and live in a boarding house among her fellow students.

Also in the cast are Sir Cedric Hardwicke, as Prof. Crayton, her English instructor; Mary Wickes, as her landlady; Skip Ward, as her classmate Joe Caldwell; and a young Marion Ross (who later appeared on Happy Days in the 1980s), as Susan Green, Mrs. Green’s daughter.

As Dr. Kestner, Mrs. Green’s science instructor, Peter Lorre made two guest appearances on the program.

In “First Test”, originally shown on Oct. 11, 1961, Dr. Kestner makes a bet with his friend Prof. Crayton that Mrs. G. and her lab partner Joe Caldwell will fail their first exam in the Doctor’s class.

In “The Trouble with Crayton”, broadcast Dec. 6, 1961, Dr. Kestner conspires with Mrs. G. to help Prof. Crayton get some much-needed rest.

GetTV will first air these episodes on the following days and times ~
  • ”First Test” – Tues., Mar. 21 – 6 am
  • ”The Trouble with Crayton” – Thurs., Mar. 30 – 6 am
With the series added to the channel’s regular line-up, GetTV will air these episodes on future dates and times, as listed on the GetTV schedule.

Although not available commercially, Mrs. G. Goes to College may be purchased through Thomas Film Classics.

In the Appendix of The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, Lorre fans will find a complete-to-date list of Peter’s television credits, as well as lists of his radio work, his movies, and his stage and theater appearances.

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