November 5, 2017

Holiday Time With Lorre on TV

The holiday season is here, and as 2017 becomes 2018, Lorre fans have much to celebrate with plenty of Lorre movies on television and Turner Classic Movies.

All times shown are Eastern Standard.

Peter Lorre's page on the TV Guide Channel website lists the Lorre films scheduled on various television channels over a 2-week period.

November, 2017

Just a handful of Lorre films this month, as Casablanca (1942) celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Nov. 12 (Sun), 3:45 pm, Turner Classic Movies channel – Casablanca (1942). The daytime theme is “Veterans Day”, and TCM celebrates with the classic wartime drama that won Peter Lorre a contract at the Warner Brothers studios. And today, as well as Wednesday, Nov. 15, Fathom Events joins TCM in showings of Casablanca in many movie theaters.

Nov. 20 (Mon), 2 pm, TCM – Arsenic and Old Lace (1944). Today’s daytime theme on TCM is “Screwball Classics” with a showing of the dark comedy about two spinster sisters who poison lonely old men with a home-brew of elderberry wine, spiked with three kinds of poison.

Nov. 21 (Tues), 4:15 pm, MGM HD – Tales of Terror (1962).

Nov. 25 (Sat), 2:30 pm, TCM – Around the World in 80 Days (1956). Peter Lorre is one of many cameos in this all-star extravaganza about the Victorian London gentleman (David Niven) who bets he can circle the globe in 80 days.

Nov. 27 (Mon), 4:15 am, MGM HD – Tales of Terror (1962).

December, 2017

A variety of Lorre movies this month on the Turner Classic Movies channel.

Dec. 1 (Fri), 10:15 am, TCM – Arsenic and Old Lace (1944). TCM's daytime theme is "Cary Grant", and among the movies today is the only film Cary Grant made with Peter Lorre.

Dec. 2 (Sat), 11:15 pm, TCM – Mad Love (1935). The prime-time theme on TCM is "Starring Colin Clive".

Dec. 5 (Tue), 6 am, TCM – M (1931). TCM salutes the birthday of director Fritz Lang, beginning with his first sound movie – as well as Peter Lorre's first sound movie.

Dec. 6 (Wed), Noon, MGM HD – Tales of Terror (1962).

Dec. 8 (Fri), 11:45 pm, TCM – Casablanca (1942). The daytime theme on TCM is "World War II Dramas".

Dec. 11 (Mon), 4:45 pm, TCM – The Constant Nymph (1943). TCM's daytime theme is a salute to Sister Acts", and this Joan Fontaine movie follows her sister Olivia de Havilland's A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935).

Dec. 14 (Thurs), 4:45 pm, TCM – Around the World in 80 Days (1956). TCM's daytime theme is "Epics", and Peter Lorre is one of many stars in cameo appearances as Victorian gentleman Fogg (David Niven) makes his way around the world to win a bet.

Dec. 16 (Sat), 4 pm, TCM – Casablanca (1942).

Dec. 23 (Sat), 8:40 am, MGM HD – Tales of Terror (1962).

Dec. 29 (Fri), 6:15 am, TCM – The Beast with Five Fingers (1946). TCM salutes make-up artist Perc (short for Percival) Westmore, of the famous Westmore family of make-up artists and wig-makers. Peter Lorre’s final horror movie at Warner Bros. was originally released on Christmas Day in 1946.

Dec. 30 (Sat), 4:15 am, MGM HD – Tales of Terror (1962).

January, 2018

January means a new year and new opportunities for Lorre movies on TV. Charles Boyer is TCM's Star of the Month, and this month, TCM will show both of the movies Boyer made with Peter Lorre.

Jan. 4 (Thurs), 8 pm, Movies! Network – Beat the Devil (1954)

Jan. 11 (Thurs), 4:30 am, TCM – The Constant Nymph (1943). "Star of the Month" Charles Boyer plays best friend to Peter Lorre's character Fritz Bercovy, who romances and weds Brenda Marshall, one of the Sanger girls.

Jan. 14 (Sun), 2 pm, TCM – Passage to Marseille (1944).

Jan. 16 (Tues), 5:45 pm, TCM – Silk Stockings (1957). The daytime theme is "East/West Romance", and West meets and romances East when American promoter Fred Astaire meets Russian envoy Cyd Charisse, while three Russian commissars (Peter Lorre, Jules Munshin, Joseph Buloff) are seduced by Paris.

Jan. 13 (Sat), 8 am, Movies! Network – Beat the Devil (1954)

Jan. 18 (Thurs), 4 pm, MeTV channel – Wagon Train, "The Alexander Portlass Story" (Mar. 16, 1960).

Jan. 18 (Thurs), 5:45 am, TCM – Confidential Agent (1945). "Star of the Month" Boyer finds himself working against Peter Lorre, and Katina Paxinou, in this spy drama set in London.

Jan. 25 (Fri), 1:30 am, MeTV channel – Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "The Diplomatic Corpse" (Dec. 8, 1957).

Many of these and other Lorre movies are now available on DVD and Blu-Ray – many remastered and packaged with extra features. For more information on the films of Peter Lorre released to home video, head on over to the DVD – VHS section of The Lost One website.

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A complete list of Peter’s movies and television credits is available in the book’s Appendix.

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Happy viewing!

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