February 18, 2018

Spring into Spring With Lorre on TV

Winter becomes spring, and Peter's fans can enjoy many Lorre films on television and Turner Classic Movies.

All times shown are Eastern Standard.

Peter Lorre's page on the TV Guide Channel website lists the Lorre films scheduled on various television channels over a 2-week period.

February, 2018

Throughout February and into March, the Turner Classic Movies channel holds its annual “30 Days of Oscar” festival – with several Lorre Oscar winners and nominees included.

Feb 21 (Wed), 7:30 am, Antenna TV channel – The Jack Benny Program (originally broadcast over CBS, Jan. 22, 1963). Jack welcomes guest Peter Lorre and recounts the nightmare he had involving Peter as a wanted killer.

Feb. 26 (Sun), 8 am, Turner Classic Movies channel – The Maltese Falcon (1941). Today’s daytime theme on TCM is “Best Picture Nominees”, including Peter Lorre’s first movie for Warner Bros. – and his first movie with Humphrey Bogart and Sydney Greenstreet.

Feb. 27 (Tues), 2:45 am, TCM – Around the World in 80 Days (1956). “30 Days of Oscar” continues with “Best Picture Winners”. Peter Lorre is one of many cameos in this all-star extravaganza about the Victorian London gentleman (David Niven) who bets he can circle the globe in 80 days.

March, 2018

The “30 Days of Oscar” festival concludes on March 3, but March has plenty of other Lorre movies.

Mar. 1 (Thurs), 4:15 am, TCM – Casablanca (1943). March begins in the “30 Days of Oscar” fest with more “Best Picture Winners” – and the role that won Peter Lorre a contract with the Warner Bros. studio.

Mar. 10 (Sat), 12 midnight, TCM – Stranger on the Third Floor (1940). TCM's "Noir Alley" moves to Saturday nights at midnight (EST), 9 pm (PST), and tonight, host Eddie Muller presents the movie considered by many to be the first true noir film.

Mar. 11 (Sun), 10 am, TCM – Stranger on the Third Floor (1940). Missed the midnight showing of the "Noir Alley" feature? Fear not! The "Czar of Noir" Eddie Muller presents an encore showing of Peter as "the Stranger".

Mar. 12 (Mon), 2:45 pm, TCM – Mad Love (1935). The daytime theme is "30s Horror", including Peter Lorre”s first American movie.

Mar. 19 (Mon), 10:45 pm, TCM – Strange Cargo (1940). The daytime theme is "Prison Escapes". Peter Lorre plays Monsieur Cochon ("The Pig"), who earns a living in the French penal colony of Guiana by reporting escaped convicts (such as Clark Gable's Verne) to the authorities.

Mar. 20 (Tues), 1:30 am, MeTV – Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "Man From the South" (CBS, Mar. 13, 1960)

Mar. 22 (Thurs), 2 am, TCM – Casablanca (1942). A week of "Great Movie Endings" continues with a night of movies with "Famous Last Words".

April, 2018

April brings several Lorre movies infrequently shown on TCM.

Apr. 12 (Thurs), 10 pm, TCM – Around the World in 80 Days (1956). Every Thursday in April, the TCM primetime theme is "The Victorian Era in Film", and tonight's sub-theme is "Victorian Science and Exploration".

Apr. 18 (Wed), 6 pm, TCM – Passage to Marseille (1944). Every Wednesday in April, TCM turns the spotlight on director Michael Curtiz, including the wartime film that paired Peter Lorre with Humphrey Bogart for a final time at Warner Bros.

Apr. 18 (Wed), 8 pm, TCM – Casablanca (1942). The Curtiz Spotlight continues with the movie that won Peter a contract with Warner Bros.

Apr. 19 (Thurs), 6 am, TCM – Muscle Beach Party (1963). The daytime theme is "Swinging '60s", as TCM includes one of Peter's final films – the movie that was in release as newspapers ran stories of Peter's passing and funeral.

Many of these and other Lorre movies are now available on DVD and Blu-Ray – many remastered and packaged with extra features. For more information on the films of Peter Lorre released to home video, head on over to the DVD – VHS section of The Lost One website.

In The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, Stephen D. Youngkin discusses the making of Peter’s movies, including interviews with many of the directors, writers, actors, and crew who worked with Peter.

A complete list of Peter’s movies and television credits is available in the book’s Appendix.

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Happy viewing!

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