November 2, 2018

Holidays with Lorre on TV

November begins the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day, and Lorre fans have several of Peter’s movies to look forward to on television and Turner Classic Movies.

All times shown are Eastern Standard.

Peter Lorre's page on the TV Guide Channel website lists the Lorre films scheduled on various television channels over a 2-week period.

November, 2018

November brings a handful of Lorre films on Turner Classic Movies.

Nov. 6 (Tues), 8 pm, TCM – Casablanca (1942). TCM turns the spotlight on “The Art of Casting”, and Casablanca has been praised for its international cast, many of whom, like the characters they portray, escaped Nazi-occupied European countries. Casting directors David Rubin and Juliet Taylor join host Ben Mankiewicz for a discussion of 14 movies reflecting the art of casting.

Nov. 8 (Thurs), 5:30 am, Antenna TV channel – The Jack Benny Program (Jan. 22, 1963).

Nov. 11 (Sun), 4 am, Movies! Network – Quicksand (1950).

Nov. 25 (Sun), 6 am, Movies! Network – Quicksand (1950).

Nov. 27 (Tues), 7:45 am, TCM – Background to Danger (1943). The daytime theme is "Sabotage", and a day of international espionage movies on TCM includes this film adapted from the Eric Ambler novel, Uncommon Danger.

December, 2018

December brings a handful of Lorre movies on Turner Classic Movies, including a film better suited to Halloween than Christmas. Plus some of Peter's television work.

Dec. 3 (Mon), 4 pm, MeTV channel – Wagon Train, "The Alexander Portlass Story" (Mar. 16, 1960).

Dec. 4 (Tues), 1:30 am, MeTV channel – Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "The Diplomatic Corpse" (Dec. 8, 1957).

Dec. 5 (Wed), 8 am, Movies! Network – Around the World in 80 Days (1956).

Dec. 10 (Mon), 1:30 pm, Movies! Network – Around the World in 80 Days (1956).

Dec. 14 (Fri), 11 am, TCM – Strange Cargo (1940). The daytime theme is "Nightmare Islands", and no island is more nightmare than the penal colony in French Guiana.

Dec. 18 (Tues), 8 pm, Movies! Network – Around the World in 80 Days (1956).

Dec. 24 (Mon), 12:30 pm, Movies! Network – Around the World in 80 Days (1956).

Dec. 26 (Wed), 7:45 am, TCM – Arsenic and Old Lace (1944). A movie set on Halloween playing the day after Christmas? The film is on the schedule of a day of movies starring Cary Grant.

Dec. 30 (Sun), 8 pm, TCM – The Maltese Falcon (1940). A “Double Bogie” double-feature begins with this classic mystery about a fabulous gem-encrusted statuette and the people willing to kill to obtain it.

Dec. 30 (Sun), 10 pm, TCM – Casablanca (1942). “Double Bogie” continues with the third movie in which Peter worked with off-screen pal, Humphrey Bogart.

January, 2019

A new year begins – and a new year of Peter Lorre films on television, including a rarely-seen television epsode.

Jan. 3 (Thurs), 1:30 am, Movies! Network – Around the World in 80 Days (1956).

Jan. 10 (Thurs), 12 noon, TCM – The Conspirators (1944). TCM salutes Paul Henreid's birthday with a number of Henreid movies, including this spy drama set in Lisbon.

Jan. 12 (Sat), 3 pm, MeTV – Rawhide, "Incident of the Slavemaster" (originally broadcast Nov. 11, 1960). Peter plays Victor Laurier, the wealthy owner of a cotton plantation where former Civil War soldiers work as slaves.

Jan. 13 (Sun), 8 am, Movies! Network – Beat the Devil (1954).

Jan. 20 (Sun), 1 am, MeTV – Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "Man from the South" (originally broadcast Mar. 13, 1960). Peter plays Carlos, a South American gambler who talks Steve McQueen into playing an unusual gambling game involving a cigarette lighter.

Many of these and other Lorre movies are now available on DVD and Blu-Ray – many remastered and packaged with extra features. For more information on the films of Peter Lorre released to home video, head on over to the DVD – VHS section of The Lost One website.

In The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, Stephen D. Youngkin discusses the making of Peter’s movies, including interviews with many of the directors, writers, actors, and crew who worked with Peter.

A complete list of Peter’s movies and television credits is available in the book’s Appendix.

The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre may be purchased from Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada, and Amazon U.K, as well as other booksellers.

Happy viewing!

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