August 13, 2019

SiriusXM Airs Lorre Radio Series

Peter Lorre fans with access to the satellite radio provider SiriusXM can tune into the Radio Classics channel the week of August 12, 2019, and hear an episode of Peter’s 1947 summer series Mystery in the Air – “The Lodger”, which originally aired over NBC on Thursday, Aug. 14, 1947.

“The Lodger” kicks off a 2-hour program block celebrating the birthday of Alfred Hitchcock and will air these dates and times ~

Tuesday, August 13 –
6 pm Pacific, 9 pm Eastern

Thursday, Aug. 15 –
12 noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern

Saturday, Aug. 17 –
10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern

SiriusXM airs Radio Classics over Channel 148. Subscribers may also listen to the programs over the internet. Log-in with your User ID and password. Not a subscriber? A free 30-day trial is also available through the SiriusXM radio website.

In “The Lodger”, Peter Lorre co-stars with famed radio and film actress Agnes Moorehead. The mysterious “Mr. Sleuth” (Lorre) takes a room in the home of Mrs. Ellen Bunting (Moorehead) and her husband, but when a number of music hall girls are murdered, Mrs. Bunting fears their lodger may be a killer.

For 13 weeks during the summer of 1947, Mystery in the Air replaced The Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Show. The series presented tales of suspense “culled from the four corners of world literature”, adapted from such famous tales as Alexander Pushkin's "The Queen of Spades" and Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat", as well as original radio dramas.

Peter Lorre began with “The Tell-Tale Heart” on July 3, 1947, and continued to the final program, “Crime and Punishment”, adapted from his own 1935 Columbia Studios film, on Sept. 25, 1947.

A complete-to-date list of Peter’s radio work is available in the Appendix of The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, written by Stephen D. Youngkin and published through University Press of Kentucky in 2005.

The Lost One may be purchased from Amazon U.S., Amazon Canada, and Amazon U.K, as well as other booksellers.

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