February 18, 2016

Fathom Events Presents The Maltese Falcon, Feb 21 and 24

In 2016, Fathom Events and the Turner Classic Movies channel will expand their popular “Big Screen Classics” series from a few times a year to once a month, and in February, Lorre fans can enjoy The Maltese Falcon (1941) in cinemas on Sunday, February 21, with an encore showing on Wednesday, February 24. Warner Brothers salutes the movie’s 75th anniversary.

The program begins at 7 pm, local time, with a special introduction by TCM host Ben Mankiewicz. Some theaters will also have a 2 pm matinee.

Participating movie theaters are listed by State and City on the Fathom Events website. Updates to the list are being made daily, and theater locations are subject to change.

Ticket prices are $12.50 for all seats, however, some cinemas may offer a discount for students, children, and seniors. Tickets may be purchased in advance at the theater, as well as on-line through the Fathom Events website and Fandango.

As Joel Cairo, one of the international criminals in search of the fabulous jewel-encrusted statuette of the title, Peter Lorre is the bridge between the movie’s two story lines – the murder of Miles Archer, Sam Spade’s (Bogart) partner in their detective agency, and the hunt for the Maltese Falcon. This was Peter’s first movie for Warner Brothers, and his first film with Humphrey Bogart and Sydney Greenstreet.

In the pages of The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre, Stephen Youngkin discusses the on-screen and off-screen friendship of Peter and Bogie through numerous interviews with their mutual friends and co-workers.

The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre is available as an eBook for the Kindle and Nook, as well hard-back and soft-bound editions.

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